The magnetic panel for your home

Magnetolab revolutionizes every one of your environments!

It is the result of the meeting of innovation, design and craftsmanship made in Italy. The project finds inspiration in the fascinating physical phenomenon of magnetism, from which derives the use in the logo of the positive sign “+”, which distinguishes the brand.

The idea comes from the desire to improve and optimize the movements that take place in the home on a daily basis, starting from the family meeting and sharing places: from the kitchen to the living room to the bathroom. It consists of a magnetic panel that can be made in a wide variety of materials to which everyday accessories are attached and can be detached easily, immediately and without the need for holes.

Magnetolab: a new life for your spaces

Magnetolab has focused studies and research to design innovative, practical, dynamic and ergonomic solutions for the environments we love the most: it is with this in mind that the creative process led to the birth of everyday accessories made magnetic by special magnets.

Planned from the beginning to be used in combination with the tempered glass panel and equipped with LEDs, the accessories can be easily moved on all surfaces that adopt Magnetolab technology, thus remaining always within reach.

The reflecting characteristic of glass gives the panel a noteworthy brightness without sacrificing the naturality of its tones.

The result is out of the ordinary: a workspace that can be customized through the choice of the most suitable accessories and distinguished by a revolutionary dynamism, hygienically more controlled due to the absence of joints and easy to clean; a space that is easy to redesign as you wish thanks to the wide versatility of Magnetolab.

Every detail is developed and fine-tuned by testing it over time, thanks to the availability of technology, know-how and a lot of determination. The production process is carefully controlled: from material selection to panel production, assembly and testing.

The expression of essential design that adapts to everything, to everything is suitable.

Magnetolab for the kitchen

The patented and certified system is based on the “layering” of the Magnetolab plate with the different materials with which the panel can be made.

The plate, which is attached to the wall by specific magnetic washers, allows the positioning and movement of magnetic accessories over the entire surface.