The kitchen that seduces

Magnetolab revolutionizes yourkitchen working space

The Magnetolab project is inspired by the fascinating physics phenomenon of magnetism, from which derives the positive sign “+”. The idea comes from the desire to improve and optimize the movements that we daily carry out in the house, with a particular focus on the areas where families meet, share and organize their lives: the kitchen and the living room.

Magnetolab has concentrated its research and study in creating innovative, dynamic, functional and ergonomic solutions for this space The origin of the creation of these everyday accessories is actually based on the phenomenon of magnetism, the tablet holder, the spices holder and many more are equipped with a very powerful magnet and can be easily and quickly moved along the surface of the panel.

The accessories were born in combination with a tempered illuminated glass panel which by effect of the reflectance gives a greater brightness to the whole kitchen. The result is: a customized working space with the choice of the more suitable accessories, a very easy installation with no drillings, a revolutionary dynamism which allows the accessories to be moved along the entire surface, a place which is hygienically more controlled thanks to the absence of joints, consequently easier to clean and expression of an essential, elegant design in perfect harmony with every style and furniture.

Imagine if the space where you move, meet, live….suited your needs. Imagine a world tailored for you!

The Magnetolab Panel is Light The Integrated
or Grazing Led Lighting turns the kitchen backsplash into an illuminated surface which floods the worktop with light.

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Colour up your kitchen In addition to the standard colours, Magnetolab is available in all RAL K7 colours and NCS.

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The Accessories Magnetolab is functionality, freedom and comfort in the kitchen. Every accessory can be detached and placed everywhere along the panel surface.

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Simple and Essential The magnetic panel is available in different materials, all designed and tested to resist to high cooking temperatures and possible impacts. The surface can be easily attached on the wall thanks to special magnets and it’s extremely easy to clean thanks to the absence of joint

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Everything in its right place The objects of the kitchen, the ladles, the kitchen paper roll, the bottles…will always be at hand. The backsplash of the kitchen becomes an equipped surface that supports your cooking passion.

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