K Magnetolab

The new frontier in kitchen design: the hood that is there but cannot be seen or heard.

K Magnetolab: the invisible cooker hood

The system developed in collaboration with Falmec, offers complete integration of the hood into the Magnetolab panel thanks to the flap made in the same finish as the panel; once closed, it becomes invisible, ensuring optimal cleaning as well as extraordinary aesthetic appeal.

Back Suction

Cooking fumes are extracted from the back evenly from the cooking areas.

Efficient and quiet

A powerful and efficient motor combined with the study of air flows and the use of insulating materials ensures the best suction performance with minimum noise.

Easy to install

The suction system, fully integrated into the Magnetolab, allows easy installation in both the filter and suction versions.

Smallest footprint

The hood develops vertically in the back, allowing maximum use of the interior space of the base and wall units.

How it works

By pressing on the upper part, the flap opens and the hood is activated, starting suction automatically.

The flap opening also provides access to the controls, allowing the suction power to be managed.

Accompanying the flap it closes independently, the hood turns off, stopping the suction automatically.

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