Illumination for the magnetic panel

Find the right light for your magnetic panel: Magnetolab transforms your kitchen backsplash into a smooth, glowing surface that shines on your countertop. Choose from integrated or grazing light options and discover Smart Moving, the innovative gesture control system.

Lighting system with integrated light

The diffused light option integrates the LED into the panel profile.
It is available in polished or frosted glass, in all standard colors and RAL K7 and NCS scales, except the blackboard colour.

*We recommend the use of light colors in order to enhance the luminous effect.

Lighting system with grazing light

The grazing light option provides the LED outside the panel.
It is available in all glass and porcelain grès versions.

All that's left is to choose how to turn on your Magnetolab!

Smart Moving

Smart Moving is Magnetolab’s amazing panel dimming system that uses hand movement sensors to manage the switching on, off, and regulates the intensity of the light without any switches or remote control.

Hands in the dough? No problem!

Just make simple hand gestures around the bright LED, located in the panel, without having to touch it directly: so your recipe is safe and the panel stays clean at all times.

Turning the panel on and off

FROM BOTTOM TO TOP: moving the hand from bottom to top in front of the LED light,Magnetolab turns on.

FROM TOP TO BOTTOM: moving your hand from top to bottom in front of the LED light,Magnetolab turns off.

Increasing and decreasing Brightness

CONTINUOUS CLOCKWISE ROTATION: by rotating your finger clockwise around the LED dot, the brightness of Magnetolab gradually increases (dimmer).

CONTINUOUS ANTI-CLOCKWISE ROTATION: by continuously rotating your finger counterclockwise around the LED dot, the brightness of Magnetolab gradually decreases (dimmer).

Beat Light: blinking feature for your reminders

You’ve got mail!

Beat Light is a special standard feature of Smart Moving: moving your hand from right to left in front of the LED dot activates the blink feature, designed to signal the presence of messages written on Magnetolab or to remind you of something important.

Helpy Light: emergency light

Black-out at home?
Don’t worry, Helpy Light is Magnetolab’s safety lighting system that, in the event of a power interruption, reactivates the panel light allowing you to continue working in the kitchen while also illuminating your surroundings.

Not compatible with remote control. Optional available only on panel with Smart Moving.

The autonomy of Helpy Light is about one hour.

Remote control

Turn Magnetolab on and off and adjust the lighting intensity as you like through the remote control.
Turn on your Magnetolab from the comfort of your sofa!

Not compatible with Smart Moving.

Light spot

Connect your Magnetolab to a switch and that’s it: you can operate it like any other light!

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