The manufacturer of the Magnetolab panel and accessories is Laboc SRL.

About us

Based in Bevagna, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, Laboc SRL was founded as an innovative startup, marked by an approach aimed at the search for quality in every step of the production process and meticulous attention to detail. These characteristics allow it to start important collaborations with leading companies in the furniture industry. The young management leadership, makes Laboc SRL extremely attentive to some of the most important issues of the current scenario, which become the founding soul of the company’s philosophy and a driving force to improve and enhance day by day.

Roots and future

The desire is to give ample space to young people in the various production sectors and management positions: in fact, Laboc SRL has a percentage of employees under 30 currently at 35 percent and steadily increasing.

Being in constant search of new job prospects, there is a constant need to broaden the horizon of usable skills, skills that Laboc SRL seeks in qualified and prepared professional figures, without, however, subordinating this aspect to the importance of training in the company; an importance highlighted by the continuous updating of employees in their own field of reference.

The strength of a company also lies in the cohesion among those who work there and in cooperation at many levels: Laboc SRL has understood the importance of this synergy and is constantly striving to give future to the youngest without neglecting the enormous value of those who have already come a long way.


The certifications we have obtained represent our commitment to ensuring high-quality products and services, preserving the environment, protecting our employees, and optimizing the use of energy resources. We will continue to pursue the highest standards in all these areas, thus contributing to a better and more sustainable future for all.
"The greatest threat to our Planet is the belief that someone else will save it." R. Swan

We think green

Another cornerstone of the company is the theme of sustainability. Born in Umbria, in the green heart of Italy, Laboc SRL cannot help but be sensitive to respecting the environment and safeguarding it; this is precisely why it has implemented a series of measures aimed at reducing its environmental impact and CO2 emissions.

Closed-loop water use

Since the use of water is essential in the processing of raw materials, Laboc SRL has adopted a closed-loop water system that allows its purification. By doing so, it is possible to reuse the same amount of water for multiple production processes, preventing waste.

Energy sustainability

In 2023 Laboc SRL installed a photovoltaic system of more than 300 KWp, in order to secure almost all of its daily energy needs in a sustainable way.

Reduction in the use of plastic for packaging

In 2021 Laboc SRL reduced the use of plastic for packaging by 70%. For products sold online, on the other hand, it was possible to make 100% sustainable packaging from recyclable paper.


Together with its partners, Magnetolab guarantees innovation, excellence and durability of the materials used in its products.

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