Design your own space with Magnetolab

Detach, move, attach!
Make your kitchen unique and attractive thanks to the innovative magnetic panel.

Functionality, comfort anddesign in the kitchen

Magnetolab is a system composed of a magnetic panel, patented, registered and certified, available in different materials. Magnetolab completely covers the space between the work top and the wall cabinets and it features several accessories.


Magnetolab completely refashions the very concept of the kitchen working area, turning it into a dynamic, versatile, and attractive place. You can detach and move the accessories along the panel with a simple gesture.


Its unique and exclusive design blends in the furnishing style of your kitchen. In addition, the complete absence of screws and fixing systems guarantees an easy and quick cleaning of the panel.


Magnetolab turns the kitchen backsplash into a smooth, upscale illuminated surface that illuminates the worktop. Choose between the options of integrated light and grazing light and find out more about the innovative. Smart Moving System gesture control.

Easy to install

Magnetolab is easy to implement in every kitchen just by fixing the special magnet washers on the wall and attaching the panel to it The panel can also be shaped according to your needs, including possible holes for sockets or switches.

Make your kitchenattractive

With Magnetolab you can personalize the working space of your kitchen, moving and repositioning the accessories on the magnetic panel wherever you wish. The Magnetolab panel is available in different materials and colours to blend in with your kitchen style.

Rediscover the pleasure of cooking in an innovative and dynamic space: with Magnetolab today all of this is possible!

Uncover the secrets of the Magnetolab Panel

The Magnetolab Panel is Light The Integrated
or Grazing Led Lighting turns the kitchen backsplash into an illuminated surface which floods the worktop with light.

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Colour up your kitchen In addition to the standard colours, Magnetolab is available in all RAL K7 colours and NCS.

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The Accessories Magnetolab is functionality, freedom and comfort in the kitchen. Every accessory can be detached and placed everywhere along the panel surface.

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Simple and Essential The magnetic panel is available in different materials, all designed and tested to resist to high cooking temperatures and possible impacts. The surface can be easily attached on the wall thanks to special magnets and it’s extremely easy to clean thanks to the absence of joints.

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Everything in its right place The objects of the kitchen, the ladles, the kitchen paper roll, the bottles…will always be at hand. The backsplash of the kitchen becomes an equipped surface that supports your cooking passion.

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With Magnetolab everything is in its right place: wherever you like!

Magnetolab guarantees functionality, comfort and freedom in the kitchen. The spices, the bottle, the ladles, the book, the kitchen roll; everything will always be at hand. Choose among the wide range of available magnetic accessories.

Unleash your imagination…with Magnetolab you can!

With Magnetolab you can express all your creativity designing every time the kitchen you prefer. Each and every accessories configuration will be personalized and unique and, in addition with particular washable markers, you can use the panel as a comfortable whiteboard.

Not only in the kitchen

Besides the kitchen, Magnetolab can also be applied in other rooms of the house. The design of the illuminated magnetic panel is applied whenever you want turn your kitchen into a unique and customized space of your house.

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Where to find Magnetolab?

You will be able to find Magnetolab at your trusted retailer displaying the following brands: