Magnetic solutions for your home

Magnetolab consists of a magnetic panel that can be made in a wide variety of materials to which everyday accessories are attached that can be moved or detached easily, immediately and without the need for holes.

Give new life to your environments

The result of the encounter between innovation, design and craftsmanship made in Italy, the project finds inspiration in the fascinating physical phenomenon of magnetism.

The idea comes from the desire to improve and optimize the movements that take place in the house everyday, starting from the family meeting and sharing places: from the kitchen to the living room, to the bathroom

Magnetic panel for the kitchen

In the kitchen, create your own space with Magnetolab. Detach, move, attach!

Make your kitchen unique with the innovative magnetic panel: turn it into a personal and functional, ever-changing environment.

Functionality and design in the kitchen

Magnetolab is an excellent solution for the space between countertops and wall cabinets, allowing for better organization of work in the kitchen.

The patented and certified system is based on the "layering" of the Magnetolab plate with the different materials with which the panel can be made.

Magnetic kitchen accessories

Improve the quality of the time spent in the kitchen!

Every accessory will now always be at hand: the backrest becomes a toolable and customizable surface, allowing you maximum freedom in the kitchen Discover our line of accessories:


Magnetolab revolutionizes the time spent between the stoves, making your kitchen work area versatile and functional. Detach and reposition accessories anywhere on the panel with a simple gesture.


Its unique and exclusive design becomes complicit with the decor style of your kitchen. In addition, the complete absence of screws and fastening systems ensures an easier and quicker cleaning of the panel.


With Magnetolab, the back of your kitchen becomes illuminated. Discover the different lighting options available.

Easy to install

Magnetolab can be easily installed in any kitchen. Simply attach the special magnets to the wall, bring the panel closer and it will attach.

About us

The manufacturer of the Magnetolab brand panel and accessories is Laboc SRL.

Laboc SRL was founded as an innovative startup oriented to constant innovation, with a sustainable and environmentally conscious approach.

Thanks to important partnerships with leading companies in the industry, it guarantees the highest quality of materials and finishes of the different panels, now adopted by the best kitchen brands on the market.

Origami Line by Magnetolab wins the RedDot Design Award 2023.