Magnetic panel for the kitchen

With the Magnetolab system, the kitchen becomes your unique, personal and functional space, constantly evolving.

How the magnetic panel for kitchen works

The patented and certified system is based on the “layering” of the Magnetolab plate with different materials with which the panel can be made.
The plate, which is attached to the wall thanks to specific magnetic washers, allows the positioning and movement of magnetic accessories over the entire surface, which is also extremely easy to clean because it is free of screws and visible joints

It's safe

The system is patented. Every detail has been developed and tested over time, and the materials are designed to withstand high cooking temperatures and impact.

It’s tailor-made

It completely covers the space between the top and wall units and fits the length of the kitchen. The choice of materials and finishes leaves ample room for customization. In addition, when ordering, it is possible to arrange socket holes of any size on the panel.

It’s quick to install

It is attached by using special magnets, which are easily applied to any type of wall or wall covering, even pre-existing ones. Everything you need in the kitchen will now always be at hand.

The materials

Polished glass, frosted, influted, Arctic or Porcelain gres : Magnetolab is available in several materials, colors and finishes to guarantee you the possibility of fully personalizing the panel according to your tastes and the style of your kitchen.

Magnetic Panel in polished glass

Magnetic Panel in frosted glass

Magnetic Panel influted glass

Magnetic Panel in Arctic glass

Magnetic panel in porcelain gres

Complete the panel with other Magnetolab products designed for the kitchen.

Where to find magnetolab?