Magnetic accessories for the kitchen

Improve the quality of the time spent in the kitchen!
Every accessory will always be within your reach: the panel thus becomes a tooled and customizable surface, allowing you maximum freedom in the kitchen.

Detach, move, attach with a simple gesture!

Our constant focus on innovation has enabled us to optimize the performance of our new Magnetolab accessories. With the introduction of a special aluminum bar placed in the back that encloses several components, the most suitable stability for each accessory is guaranteed. In fact, a special foil inside the bar increases the attraction force of the magnets and the presence of a specially designed gasket prevents the accessory from sliding down the panel.

In this way, our accessory lines, designed with new technology, implement the performance of our products and guarantee over time the quality reserved for our customers.

Origami Line


F 01 - Shelf 30

magnetolab accessori piano mensola magnetico
Piano B

F 02 - Shelf 45


F 03 - Shelf with hooks 30

Appendiamo-ci plus

F 04 - Shelf with hooks 45


F 05 - Double shelf

Sottosopra plus

F 06 - Double shelf with hooks

Oh no!

F 07 - Kitchen roll holder

Oh no! plus

F 08 - Kitchen roll holder with hooks

Curry on!

F 09 - Spice rack

Giallo zafferano

F 10 - Tablet Holder

Bollicine x2

F 11 - Wine glass rack with 2 slots

Bollicine x4

F 12 - Wine glass rack with 2 slots

Capsule collection

A 12 - “Nespresso” capsules holder


MA12C - WoodenKnife Block

Accessories Colours:
Stainless Steel Scotch Brite
Lead black
Origami Line by Magnetolab wins the RedDot Design Award 2023.

Linea M1

A 02 - Ladle Holder
A 03 - Spice rack
A 04 - Tablet and smartphone holder
A 05 - Kitchen Roll Holder
A 06 - Kitchen Rolls Holder

A 07 - Bottle Holder

A 08 - Oil Bottle Holder
A 09 - Bar with hooks 600 - 900 - 1200
A 10 - Ladles Holder
A 11 - Ladles Holder
A 12 - “Nespresso” capsules holder
A 21 - Spice rack and ladle holder
A 22 - Spice rack + kitchen roll holder
A 23 - Kitchen Roll holder, shelf and ladle holder
MA12AC - WoodenKnife Block
Accessories Colours:
Stainless Steel Scotch Brite
Lead black

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